Restaurant Subsidy: New NSRF Program for Restaurants “Entrepreneurship Toolbox Catering”

The Action aims to strengthen existing small and micro enterprises that are active in the provision of catering services in order to upgrade their level of business organization and operation. Catering business subsidy with 50% for projects from 10,000 to 150,000 euros. Submission of applications from 6/02/2019 until 19/04/2019. The beneficiaries for the Catering are:...

Restaurant Subsidy: New NSRF for Restaurants & Other Catering Businesses.

The new NSRF action for the upgrading of existing very small, small and medium enterprises in the service sector (retail, catering, private education) will start by March. The action concerns the upgrading of existing micro, small and medium enterprises in the retail and services sector (retail, catering, private education) around the four categories of interventions:...Continue reading

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