Turn your menus into a great selling tool

As a restaurant, you are always looking for ways to attract your customers. Embrace the future with Lavu digital menu boards for your restaurant or bar and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Lavu digital menu boards feature state-of-the-art designs that will make your business stand out. The excellent service is timeless. Being fashionable means being up to date with the latest restaurant technology.

With the Digital Menu Board you can offer a completely new catering experience to your customers

Digital menu boards are flexible, customizable and innovative


All the tools you need for the digital signage of your restaurant!

You have complete control over a web-based interface
Express the voice of your brand
Advertise promotions and special offers
Improve the visual appeal of your business
Highlight selected products or menu items
Attract customers with window screens

In a fast-paced restaurant environment, make changes to price, menu and schedule - Quick

Easily display updated prices, nutrition information and daily deals. The media input works like a playlist and can be programmed to change by date or time. Repeated events like happy hours are a breeze and limited time offers help customers make decisions right now.

Commitment, enticement, improvement with digital signage

The digital signage system in the store allows you to visually express the voice of your brand. Attract your customers with timely promotions, event promotions and product markings that appear on the label throughout your business. Attract new customers using striking window markings highlighting special offers. Improve the customer experience from the moment they pass.

The Digital Menu Board is also ideal for cafes, bars and any restaurant business.

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