INFOGRAPHIC: Digital Technology and Catering Businesses

Through Infographic, the modern digital reality is analyzed and smart ways of direct promotion of the hosting and mass catering companies are proposed. In the first part of Infographic, the current statistics of tourists and how their behavior is digitally influenced are analyzed through the official statistics of Trip Advisor. In the second part, the way of influencing the digital media in shaping the reputation of restaurants is analyzed. Frequencies, preferences and what the visitor is looking for are the key elements of analysis. Finally, the right column of Infographic suggests 10 ways to promote your business digitally. From Social Media and website upgrade to Reviews and listing on mobile travel guides.

We live in the heyday of the digital age. Most industries are changing radically as business moves to the internet and new technologies exclusively. The hospitality and catering industries are gaining new, digital bases.

Based on the above Infographic, MarketEat offers you reliable solutions in order to upgrade your online profile today and take advantage of the advantages offered by digital technology. Discover The Multiple Benefits Of Digital Advertising For Your Business Improve your internet profile , get a new website and create your own mobile app.

Source: , the 1st Online Supplier Guide for Buying Catering and Hospitality

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