Mobile Restaurant Marketing: 8 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Needs An Ordering Application!

Online and mobile ordering is becoming more and more popular and local restaurants are discovering that mobile apps that allow their customers to place and order offer a new influx of revenue at a time when profit is desperately sought.

Here are 8 reasons why every local restaurant should have its own ordering application as soon as possible.

1. Customers spend more when using online and mobile applications.

Customers spend more money when ordering food using one app. If you want to make every order count the mobile app is the way.

2. Customers already use ordering applications.

40% of mobile phone owners have already ordered food online. Technology is not so new and many people are already familiar with it. The convenience of online ordering is rapidly expanding.

3. Keep your business fresh.

In general, the food service industry is aware of the potential of custom applications. Indeed, 70% of restaurants consider the new emerging and growing innovation to be a major concern:

4. Your competitors may already be ahead of you.

A small percentage of fast food restaurants already offer their customers the possibility of mobile ordering. Are some competitors already getting or preparing to take orders from customers who would rather do it to you? In many markets, those who have custom applications are gaining ground while those who are not are losing.

5. You can share information and generate sales.

Strange as it may sound, some people want to receive SMS messages (but only from specific senders. Nearly 40% of customers say they would like to receive an SMS or email a day from their favorite restaurant informing them of the day’s dishes. An ordering application may include this feature to keep you in close touch with your customers.

6.Ordering applications generate repeat sales.

Orders from mobile users are more common than orders placed in other ways. Not only are mobile phone orders bigger, they are more frequent! Mobile orders allow you to increase the value of each customer in the long run.

7. Mobile orders can take up a significant portion of your work.

Some of the largest chains accept 25% or more orders via mobile devices. Mobile orders are not a drop in the bucket. It’s a significant percentage of work. In fact, some restaurants have enough work to devote a production line to the kitchen just for online and mobile orders. If you can do something similar an ordering application could implement it.

8. You will earn more money.

In view of all the above, the conclusion is safe: an ordering application will help your restaurant generate more revenue. By making a small expense you create a new source of income that helps you find new customers and keep old ones happy.

When we talk about the menu sometimes the classic is the best, but when we talk about work then it can be more costly to turn your back on an innovation when it goes to its peak.

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