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PRIVACY POLICY for the website under

Last Update 30/30/2019

THE MARKETEAT (hereinafter The Company, “us” or “us”), which is based in the Municipality of Nea Smyrni at 6 Kalymnou Street, Nea Izmir 17122, pledges to protect and respect privacy your.

This Privacy Policy (in conjunction with our Terms of Use, the Policy for Cookies, the Terms Participation in the competitions, and any other relevant document referred to it) determines the basis on which we will process them personal information that you provide to us or that we collect from you against the navigation and use of the website under (hereinafter the “Website”), which carried out in accordance with national and European law on protecting the individual from data processing personal, as in force from time to time.

Please read these texts carefully to understand our approach and practices regarding your personal data and way we will handle them.

By providing your personal information to us, you declare on the one hand that accept this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, and that you consent to the collection and processing and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

The processing of your personal data as described in this Policy, based on the consent you give us using them services of our Website.

For the needs of the current legislation on personal protection MARKETEAT Company with registered office at 6 Kalymnou Street, Nea Smyrni 17122, is designated as the data controller. Hellas.

1. Collection of Information

We collect your personal information when you use the website. The The information we collect falls into three categories:

(a) information you provide to us;

(b) information we collect using automated methods; and

(c) information we collect from other sources.

We may combine the information you provide with us with information collected by automated methods and by information we receive from other sources.

1.1 We collect information you provide to us, as follows:

The Company collects personal data of the Users through the Website as they are posted on the Website by them for utilization certain services of the Website. Specifically, they are the subject of a collection and process indicatively the following User data: first name, last name, email address, postal address, telephone.

Your account information, such as your username or password access (or any other item that settles you) that you use for your access to our Website or use of Services of the Website in accordance with the Terms of Use;

Information of your profile, including about our services that you prefer either for the hours you prefer to visit us or for the frequency you use the Website; and

Other personal information you choose to provide to us at interaction and / or communication with us (for example, first name, last name, postal and email address (phone).)

1.2 We collect information with automated methods

We may use automated collection technologies information from your mobile device when you use our Website.

We may collect information about:

your web protocol address (IP address);

the operating system of your mobile device, if you visit Website via mobile device;

the type of mobile device and its settings

The serial numbers that correspond to your device and parts her.

promotional IDs (for example, advertising IDFAs & IFAs) or similar identifiers;

the redirect site (the site that took you to your own us);

messages to us or about us on social media and

actions related to the way you use our Website, such as sections that you visit on our Website.

Our Website may collect information about the exact location of your mobile device using geolocation and technologies such as GPS (global system Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), Bluetooth or cell tower proximity. Most mobile devices and browsers allow you to revoke the permission you have given us to collect such using your device or browser settings. If have questions about how you can prevent information from being collected for your exact location, we recommend that you contact your provider technical support of your mobile device, the device manufacturer or your software provider or browser. Some services may not work properly without your location information. If you wish to delete information that we have collected and which could specify your location, please contact us at address, telephone number or e-mail address are listed below. By law, we may need to maintain some information.

1.3 We collect information from other sources

We may collect information about you from other companies or organizations. We may also collect information that is public accessible. For example, we may collect information about you when you interact with us on social media.

2. How we use them information we collect.

We will use the information that we collect for:

Navigate and make use of the features of the Website

To personalize your experience on our website

To execute the orders for the purchase of products that you submit through of our Website, to contact you about your purchase but also for our accounting, auditing and internal operations in within our business relationship.

To improve our business, products and our services. For example we can use your information to better understand the preferences of consumers and users of the Website, with the aim of improving the organization and presentation of our products through our online store but also for the general improvement of our Website. We can use the information for the development of new products and services, through conducting customer research and evaluating the effectiveness of sales, marketing and our advertising activity;

to maintain, manage and improve our products, the offers, promotions, our Website.

to send you promotional messages about news, offers for products and services of our Company indicatively via email (newsletters), mobile phone (sms, viber), web push notifications etc, if you have told us that you wish.

The prevention and control of fraud, violation of our Terms of Use and existing legislation, as well as for compliance with court decisions, requests of the competent judicial, prosecutorial or public authorities but also for our compliance with applicable law.

If you contact us, we will use the information you provide to our attention, such as your contact details and / or delivery information or payment, and / or information about the product you purchased in order to resolve the problem you are having or answer your questions.

3. With whom do we share the information that we collect

3.1 We will not disclose your personal information to third parties, however we disclose your information only in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

We will share your information with suppliers who provide us services, such as Website Support Services, and other information technology services and conducting research and analysis. We prohibit suppliers who provide us with services, such as to such suppliers to make use of the above information or to notify for any purpose other than the provision of services for our account.

We may decide on strategic or other business purposes, the sale or transfer of our business as a whole or in part. In the context of such sale or transfer, you may transmit information we have collected and stored, including of customer information, to each party involved in the sale or transfer or transfer of our business in whole or in part. In the context of such sale or transfer, we may transfer information we have collected and stored, including customer information, to any party involved in the sale or transfer.

Sometimes we may share information that does not identify you with direct way. For example, we may disclose anonymously, aggregate statistics for your use of the Website.

Exceptionally, our Company may disclose your personal information information to third parties, only if there is a legal obligation to this, or be obliged by decision / order of a court or other competent principle.

4.Promotional Communications

4.1. If you give us your consent to receive promotional communications from us, you can choose not to receive this kind anymore communications and revoke your consent following the instructions present in the opt-out messages. You can also choose to stop receiving promotional messages by contacting phone or email address below (see paragraph 11 “Way Communication »). If you have chosen not to receive any more promotional emails from us, however the Company will be able to send you messages / communications about it with your transactions, any accounts you have with us. Also the fact that you have chosen not to receive any kind of communication from us means you have chosen not to receive any other communications from Our company. For example, if you have chosen not to receive online messages, you may continue to receive promotional messages through phone (eg sms) if you have previously chosen to receive these.

4.3. We will retain your data for that period of time is necessary to serve the purposes described herein Policy as well as for the compliance of our policies on data retention (unless data retention for longer required by law).

4.4. If, at any time, you wish to correct the staff information we have for you, please contact us at address or telephone number below (see section 11 “How to Contact”).

5. Time of keeping personal information

We hold your information for as long as it takes to fulfill it purposes described in this Policy. (unless by law compliance is required for a longer period).

6. Links to other websites and social media

The Website may provide links to sites that managed by us or third parties. If you visit one of these linked sites, you should read its privacy policy site, terms and conditions of use and other policies their. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of third parties. Those organizations handle the information you provide to them in accordance with their privacy policy, terms and conditions of use and so on their policies.

Providers of other applications, tools, widgets may also (widgets) and plugins that we have on our Website, like the “Like” buttons of Facebook, to also use automated methods for collecting information and how to use it functions. These organizations may use the information according to their own policies.

7. International data transmission

7.1. The personal information we collect from Users will remain and will be stored on a secure server within Greece and the Company takes all reasonable measures to protect them.

7.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the personal information may be we collect to be transmitted and stored in destinations outside European Union (EU), including countries that may not provide the same level of protection as in your own country.

In the context of the processing described in this Policy, we may commission the editing, or share your personal ones information to third parties established in non-European countries Union (EU). Therefore, your personal information may processed by outside staff European Union (EU) and works for us or for one of them our suppliers. We rely on these third parties / suppliers for provide services and products on our behalf and are likely to disclose your personal information to these third parties (for example software / software companies, external partners, etc.). Generally, our service providers are contractually obliged to protect your personal data and can in no way use or transmit your personal data. We will not allow these third parties persons to use or share this information with another person purpose other than the purpose of providing services on our behalf.

No matter in which country your personal information is disclosed, you will we disclose your personal data only in those cases where there is a strict need to access the data (need to know) and always according to the appropriate ones protection mechanisms (such as for example according to the Standard Conventions European Commission terms).

You have the right to request a copy of the above by contacting the Company at the address or telephone number below (see paragraph 11 on that).

By submitting your personal data, you agree to this transmission, storage or processing. These transfers will take place at depending on the uses identified in this Policy and in permitted by law. We will take all necessary measures according to current legislation to ensure secure data management in accordance with this Policy and legislation.

8. Information security

We are committed to taking any appropriate action that has been taken for the safe keeping of your personal information. The technical, administrative and our material procedures are designed to protect the personnel your information from accidental, illegal or unauthorized loss of access, disclosure, use, modification or destruction. Although we make efforts for the protection of our information systems no website, information system or transmission of data on the Internet or any other public network does not can be guaranteed 100% safe.

9. Your rights

Under current law, you have the right of access, ie after your request on the one hand to find out whether or not your personal data are being processed and on the other hand you can receive further information on the processing, in particular on the processing carried out, the appropriate guarantees under which any transfers are made in a third country or international organization. In addition, you have the right to demand it correction of your inaccurate personal data. Also, if the conditions of the law, you have the right to delete, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability and the right opposition to processing.

Furthermore, you can revoke your consent at any time, without, however, affecting the legality of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Finally, you have the right to file a complaint to the competent supervisory authority if you consider that the processing of your personal data is contrary to current legislation.

You have the opportunity to exercise your rights above as well get further information on them by contacting us in writing with as described in the “How to communicate” section below.

10. Amendments to our privacy policy

This Privacy Policy shall enter into force on the date that listed at the beginning of the policy. We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. In case of modification, will we post the revised version here and we will change the date latest policy update. You should check this regularly to stay up to date with the latest policy updates.

11. Way of communication

If you wish to contact us about this Policy Privacy but also for the exercise of your rights, you can apply at or at 210.300.1564.