Restaurant Marketing Plan

Complete Restaurant Marketing with Low Cost

Successful marketing requires a consistent, holistic approach to gaining and retaining customers over time. Traditionally, this is very costly for most small businesses. But thanks to the innovations we use at MarketEat, you can now grow your restaurant with a comprehensive marketing approach at a price you can afford.


Restaurant Marketing Plan

MarketEat does all the work, but you are in control.

We create a 12-month marketing program for your restaurant

MarketEat is designing a dedicated, 12-month marketing program just for you, featuring around 50 customer acquisition and engagement campaigns, as well as ongoing loyalty and reward activities to nurture and retain existing customers.

We run the marketing program of your restaurant

MarketEat implements all aspects of your business marketing program, including design, implementation, targeting, graphic design, messaging, and more. Your customers will enjoy an experience similar to that of large companies at all levels of marketing, communication, advertising and service.

We nurture potential customers and help you retain customers

MarketEat's Loyalty & Rewards Program converts occasional customers into patrons, maintains a good customer base and helps them gain new customers. We use a point-based loyalty system that encourages customers' actions and motivates them to increase their involvement with the business.

You reap the benefits

Enjoy a competitive marketing presence that brings you more loyal customers and increased sales. Rest assured that marketing activities never stop with MarketEat - not even for a week - and your business will always grow!

Innovative and award-winning technology

The innovative marketing technologies we use and the management of your account by the MarketEat team, ensure that the personalized 12-month marketing program that we offer, provides you with the know-how and tools needed for better business results. In short, you include email marketing, targeted advertising, promotional applications, your own loyalty and reward program, graphic design, content creation and much more.

The exclusive administrator of your account is here for you

MarketEat consists of a team of marketing consultants, developers and designers who are committed to your success. The exclusive Account Manager of your Restaurant will always be in touch with you, thus ensuring an excellent cooperation which is a necessary component for achieving the goals we have set from the beginning.

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An Integrated Restaurant Marketing Approach

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