SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Why SMS Marketing for Restaurants?

SMS Marketing is a powerful business tool for restaurants of all kinds that want to reach their customers directly and at minimal cost. Most of your customers will have a cell phone, as there are almost 7 billion devices in the world!

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Inform your customers about an event you are organizing, remind them of a reservation they have made or send them an offer

Easy to use
των SMS διαβάζονται
των SMS ανοίγονται μέσα σε 3'

More and more restaurants are integrating SMS Marketing into their marketing strategy as:

✓ Each SMS is delivered personally to the recipient's mobile phone

✓ Surveys say that 99% of SMS are read by recipients as opposed to emails that can also end up in spam folders

. Recipients are informed immediately without any prerequisites such as internet connection or smartphone device