Website ordering

Do you own your website?


Make the most of your website by enabling it to take orders online. We can integrate the online ordering system with existing web designs. Take your first online order within a week.


Can you even afford not to have one? We can take care of that. Owning your website will allow you to promote your brand, build customer loyalty and it also enables your customers to view your menu instantly. It may even save you some money on advertising!

User friendly design, simple yet elegant.

Facebook ordering

Opportunity missed or taken?

Eliminate the commissions by allowing your customers to come to your business direct.

Turn your audience into loyal customers. You can promote your business on facebook and at the same time take orders, just like website ordering, but on facebook.

The facebook generation will not have to leave their natural habitat to place an order! This will massively increase your chances of getting direct orders rather than through third parties i.e. Just pay me, Hungry partner, etc

Facebook is a powerful marketing platform, do not underestimate it.

Mobile App Ordering

Και το καλύτερο από όλα; Δημιουργήστε τη δική σας εφαρμογή κινητών συσκευών iOS & Android με την επωνυμία σας. Προσθέστε το λογότυπό σας, επιλέξτε την εικόνα του θέματος και ξεκινήστε την προώθηση!

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Use our free online ordering system for restaurants to start taking unlimited online orders from your website, Facebook page & mobile app, by tonight!

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Website Design

Doesn’t your business have a website yet? we would love to help.

Think of your website as a indestructible flyer that is always a click away. It will have your menu on, your latest promotional offers and best of all, pictures of your delicious dishes. Here at the we understand the specific requirements for a restaurant or takeaway website. We can help you represent your business online, the way it deserves.

Drop us a line from the contact form below, tell us about your ideas, we will get back with a solution pretty quick & we will take it from there.

Πως να ξεκινήσετε;

Απεριόριστες παραγγελίες. Μηδενικές χρεώσεις.

Αποκτήστε το δικό σας ΔΩΡΕΑΝ σύστημα παραγγελιών!

Δημιουργήστε τον δωρεάν λογαριασμό σας και λάβετε την 1η σας παραγγελία από αύριο!

Ζητήστε μας μια παρουσίαση του συστήματος online παραγγελιοληψίας για delivery

Κάποιος από την ομάδα μας θα επικοινωνήσει μαζί σας για να σας δείξει όλες τις λειτουργίες.

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