Restaurant Promotion: 10 things that the modern restaurant should know

Creating a restaurant, highlighting and maintaining its success over the years requires more than just serving good food and that’s where the promotion is restaurant helps business people.

Basic factors necessary for success, such as hiring excellent employees, the cooperation with reliable suppliers – sellers but also the creation appropriate atmosphere for customers are not taken into account by many restaurant owners because of their anxious rush to start the operation of their business.

With all these challenges, poor management is often observed, a particularly important parameter for the prosperity of the restaurant, its promotion and advertising. Many owners do not engage in advertising while others end up just to waste large sums of money without following a plan and without ultimately profits.

As a result, the restaurants do not attract a sufficient number of customers. Sometimes, that may mean reduced revenue, but in other cases it may mean and the closure of the restaurant.

The bad promotion often not the result of laziness, but rather a lack of experience. This is understandable, since restaurants usually have knowledge in their management food, but not marketing and promotion skills required for their business. Fortunately, everyone can learn from the mistakes of others.

Here are 10 important parameters that help significantly in promoting a restaurant and you will be happy to know.

1. Understand the importance of definition objectives and evaluation criteria

Your rush for to start promoting a restaurant may lead you to skipping one important factor to consider and determine: what will made your ad successful. You definitely want to attract more customers in your store, but ultimately with how many customers will Were you satisfied?

Determining clear goals, you can measure and evaluate your progress. I will Understand how successful your marketing choices are as well you will create evaluation criteria to which you can compare future promotions.

2. Start with simplicity

Processing promotions hides temptations. For example it can try to offer customers an excessive number of coupons with in order to entice them to visit your restaurant. Trust us: The Exaggeration is usually not a good choice.

Customers who receive too many offers they may feel pressured and not use no coupon or they may feel that they have not had the opportunity to choose the products they would receive themselves.

In addition, it will create a problem for your employees because they should decrypt a plethora of new coupons. So keep the offers limited to two coupons per ad, thus offering simplicity and value, while at the same time giving customers the freedom of choice.

3. Take care of him your budget

The use Promotions for your restaurant is an exciting process, to such an extent that you get seduced by investing a large amount of money and to be disappointed when this does not immediately live up to your expectations. The restaurant marketing requires careful use of your budget, so that you have the most possible profits, without exceeding it.

So look marketing opportunities, such as advertising on cash receipts, which approach the general public by wasting the least amount of money and yield significant results.

The right promotion Restaurant is the key to success for your business.

4. Stay away from the traditional advertising

TV, radio, newspapers, billboards: Local restaurants are based for decades in these “traditional” media for advertising and promotions. Basic common feature is that they are expensive and do not provide the same results in 2017 with them they had 10 years ago. Many restaurants actively promote and effectively run their businesses without displaying ads on TV or buy expensive print ads.

5. Promote smart and steady

Even the most Successful restaurants benefit from a consistent marketing strategy. THE Attracting new customers is obviously important, but the return of loyalists customers who know the quality of your “dishes” and your services are equally vital.

Think about that they may just not have thought of your restaurant as an option and all they need is a friendly reminder to encourage them to return to your place for a great meal. The continuous promotions provide these reminders.

6. Remember them holidays

The connection of Holiday offers bring many benefits. First, it gives you the opportunity to generate new offers so that customers do not see the same coupons all year. Second, vacation periods are limited, which means you can attach expiration dates on coupons and create a sense of urgency for customers to visit your restaurant.

Finally, you can be creative with your offers, not just the traditional ones holidays such as Easter and Christmas, but also for non-traditional, such as World Bacon Day (which is September 2nd!).

Invest in promoting a smart restaurant way and correct marketing techniques.

7. Take advantage of Social Media

The creation Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts can be one of the first things you do when promoting your restaurant. She is a smart strategy that can attract customers and create continuous interest in your business, but only if you take care of it permanently update your accounts.

Non-updating for months can give customers a “boring” impression, that none development does not happen in your restaurant. Update media channels regularly social networking and do not be afraid to be creative with the posts your.

8. Keep one Customer Database

A base Customer data allows you to target loyal customers with further promotions and gives you a lot of information about their shopping habits, both in the restaurant and throughout the community.

The question “How did you find out about us?” is more valuable than you think and as much The more data you can collect about your customers, the better you can develop business strategies that will make the restaurant you to prosper.

What strategies Do you consider yourself successful in promoting your restaurant?

9. Meet him Competition

The competitors Restaurants can use the same marketing tactics as you Discount coupons or other offers, so pay close attention to them. By studying your competitors’ coupons, you can identify them their benefits and take advantage of stronger and smarter offers to potential your customers.

10. Offer it correct discount

The coupons that do not offer enough discount will be insufficient to attract new or of existing customers in your restaurant. Think about it, one euro profit for one order of 25 € may not cover the cost of gasoline, that someone costs to drive to your restaurant.

When promoting your restaurant with coupon offers, the discount should automatically be equal to at least 20%. This percentage is quite important for the customers, as they believe that you are giving them a real opportunity that is worth their time and energy.


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