Restaurant Tips: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for Christmas!

The festive atmosphere combined with wonderful Christmas flavors, are the ideal recipe to attract more people to the holidays.

1. Modify your menu

Special festive dishes and cocktails are the must of the season. On days when attendance is high, having a standard menu is a good solution.

2. Design your space

During the holidays, the number of people per group usually increases and therefore the space needs to be designed in such a way as to accommodate large groups. In cases where we are talking about quite large groups (eg more than 15 people), special spaces could be created.

3. Make exceptions

If you do not usually accept table reservations, it would be a good idea to make some exceptions during the holidays – especially for large groups – as the usual difficulty in finding a table and the long waiting time are often the reasons why some people choose to stay home.

4. Home delivery

Many house dinners are organized during the holidays. However, not all hosts are good at cooking, especially when it comes to special holiday dishes. Take advantage of it, therefore, by offering Christmas menus at an affordable price, thus expanding your clientele beyond the space of your restaurant.

However, all of the above have no value if people do not find out in time.

Therefore, advertise!

  1. Christmas-related internet searches start early so it is very important to keep your website up to date on the Christmas party / meal plans you are planning to host at that time. Phrases like “Christmas Dinner” and “Christmas Party” should be mentioned on your website to get better search engine results.
  2. The information through a relevant campaign and on social media will help to inform your potential customers.
  3. Distributing leaflets in the neighborhood (shops, offices, etc.), where the special Christmas menu will be announced, is an easy and economical way to attract people from the area.

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source: CABARE

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