Restaurant Tips: How to prepare your restaurant for Women’s Day

On March 8, women have their honor. Women’s Day marks a celebration that commemorates the love, appreciation and equal rights that have been so hard to claim. On the occasion of this race and the general atmosphere of the day, there are quite a few groups of women who will decide to go out for a meal, a drink and entertainment in general.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this special day for women.

First, you need to prepare properly. A very good idea is to work with the logic of large tables in setting up , since usually the groups of women are large. On Women’s Day, in other words, it is customary for many women to go out together, so a table for at least 6 people is the rule.

In addition to the layout of the space, the staff must today treat its female clientele in the most polite way. The service should be, at the very least, adequate, while the courtesy and the very discreet compliments will make these women feel really wonderful.

This day needs, of course, the appropriate decoration. Flowers play a central role, with red roses being the safest solution. However, the same climate can easily be created with other flowers. A beautiful alternative is to have a flower in every dish especially for the restaurant visitor.

Finally, the menu must have taken into account every modern female need. It needs to be healthy, have color and of course as few calories as possible. Of course, you can make a difference in dessert, as sweets are usually one of the favorite places of a meal, for everyone. When it comes to wine you can suggest labels with strong aromas, but soft on the palate and with a short aftertaste.


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