Restaurant Tips: How to turn customers into repeat customers

It is remarkable how many times we let opportunities pass in front of us. For example, in a hair salon the hairdresser has all the time with his attitude and behavior to convince his client to buy products or new services. Unfortunately, there are times when not only sales opportunities are lost, but the whole behavior prevents a customer from becoming loyal – loyal as we say in the colloquial.

This is why many companies resort to loyalty programs. The goal of each program is to collect customer contact information (Email, mobile, address). In addition, he wants to match the customer’s demographics with his buying habits. This way the company will know the customer so well that they will be able to offer the right products and services and manage the customers One to One (One to One marketing).

A repeat customer is the enthusiastic customer – the one who gets more than he expects. That’s why he trusts the company, its staff and its products. So he will easily recommend us to friends and acquaintances.

This is why every company should ensure that in every contact with the company, the customer receives what we have promised. In Marketing terminology, this is called Emotion Marketing. If we do everything else correctly, then and only then will a loyalty program be profitable.


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