Restaurant Websites: 5 Common Mistakes in Restaurant Websites and How to Fix Them

Your restaurant website is one of the most important marketing tools, as it is usually the first thing the customer looks at before visiting you for the first time. A well-designed website will bring you customers, but a website with serious flaws and errors can have the exact opposite effect. So make sure your website has the following information:

1. Responsive

Suitable for mobile phone and tablet.

2. No background music

Think about how embarrassing your customers will be if they look at your website in their office.

3. The menu in the correct format

The menu should be presented on a page of the website for the convenience of the user. If the menu is in PDF format, the user will need to go to a second link to see it and be discouraged if they are connected to their mobile phone and have limited network speed.

4. Good photos

Photos are necessary to attract an audience, but bad photos are more likely to repel it. Maybe in this case it would be better to hire a professional photographer to ensure attractive photos of your dishes and space.

5. Contact Information

The information – such as the phone and email contact, the address of your restaurant and the hours you are open – should be distinct and easily accessible to the user, so that he does not have to search long enough to find it.

Taking into account the above and in combination with your own personal touches, you can create an easy-to-use, useful and attractive website, an ideal advertisement for your space!

How will you fix them?

There are 2 ways to correct design errors and omissions. But note that if your website is old technology, it might be better to consider replacing it with a new one.

1. Intervention on the existing website for optimization .
2. Redesign of the website

Source: Common mistakes in restaurant websites

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