Social Media Marketing Restaurants: How to enhance your restaurant’s Instagram profile

Most likely you have already created a profile of your business on Instagram, and if not, then create it immediately, you are late. Either way, there are some easy tips you can follow to improve your profile.

Not just food photos

If you have a restaurant, you probably often upload photos with your dishes. If you have a bar, your most impressive cocktails. However, uploading only the products of your store is not enough and can be tiring. So upload photos with the place, your employees or the view from the store.

Use Hashtags

On Instagram you can not skip the tags, as it is the sure way for more and more people to see your photo. So be sure to use the name of the store as a hashtag, the area in which you are located and a few more words related to the content of the post.

Organize contests with gifts

Once in a while you have to thank your followers in practice, especially if you want to become your next customers. So organize an online contest with Likes and comments and treat them to their next meal.

Encourage dialogue

Through your posts you can encourage your followers to comment and let you know their point of view. A question in the caption of the photo can start the dialogue, such as “Really, what is your favorite cocktail?” or “Asian or Mexican cuisine?”. The more they respond, the more they will see the photo, hence the profile, hence your store.

Source: Even better profile on Instagram

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