Social Media Marketing Restaurants: Use Facebook to improve your restaurant presence

It’s a fact that Facebook has changed the way businesses communicate with their audience and promote their products and services. It is now an essential tool that comes to complement the business presence.

What is necessary is that every entrepreneur, whatever company he has, adheres to certain basic rules in order to open an active communication channel with his clientele and of course to grow it.

Many companies choose to outsource the management of Facebook, while others prefer to outsource management.

In any case, there are some tips and rules that should be followed before starting a corporate Facebook page or if you want to improve the existing one.

Let’s look at the most basic of these:

1. Every corporate page should be clear on Facebook. Mention the category it belongs to, the address, the contact numbers, the website, the schedule and even the contact person.

2. It is essential that the profile photo, which is usually the logo or an image from the store, has the correct processing and is clean.

3. What you write on Facebook does not have to have an official script. However, pay close attention to spelling mistakes.

4. Use tags that may be of interest to your business or your audience.

5. Make sure you have a daily Facebook presence. It should appear that the page is updated daily. The more posts per day the better for your page.

6. Do not limit yourself to repetitive products so that the page does not become boring. Find an article that interests your audience and republish it by adding your comment.

7. Upload only one photo with one comment. It is enough, it is not necessary to have a large text every time, but a comment is necessary.

8. The main goal is to communicate and interact with the friends of the page. So one should follow the comments and respond keeping the communication open. Be sure to reply to comments as soon as possible. In addition to a simple written comment, you can add a photo or insert a video. This definitely takes time…

9. Be careful where you like through the corporate page because that characterizes your business.

10. You need to find a way to be creative. It is not enough for someone to post only offers or only products on their corporate page… You can share an event you want to do in the future or ask a question and ask to be answered. You can post current news that interests your audience or some tips and articles.

It is important for your “friends” to understand that there is no automatic machine that responds to even a purely professional relationship… After all, on Facebook they are called “friends” and not customers…

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Source: , the 1st Online Supplier Guide for Buying Catering and Hospitality

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