Social Media Restaurant Marketing: How to Organize a Successful Social Media Contest for Your Restaurant?

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One of the best marketing techniques is to give small gifts at intervals. Now with social media it is very easy to organize a contest and in this way to advertise and make a gift to your business friends.

# 1 Decide when and why you will be competing

Because it makes sense to promote your store, it would be good for the competition to take place for a reason. You can “celebrate” something important for your restaurant / cafe, business birthday or your 1000 friends on Facebook. In short, you want to show that with this gift you are rewarding the participants and sharing something.

# 2 Choose what the gift will be

The bigger the prize, the more participation there will be, so there will be more discussion about your store. You can choose a gift that will be provided by you, such as a free meal for two, or you can make any other gift, for example a tablet or a digital frame.

# 3 Play by the rules

Each social media has its own rules and policy of proper use for conducting such contests, so before you “post” it, read the terms carefully. For example on Facebook, although most contests are done with Like and Share by participants, in fact this is forbidden, whenever it would be better to ask your friends to Like and leave a comment.

# 4 Think about how you would process your participants’ data

Through the competition you can collect both email and demographic data for participants, data that you can later use for more targeted marketing. To do this, however, you may need to use the above applications to run and edit the results, such as the Woobox application, through which you can do contests and surveys, and share them on social media.

# 5 Nice and artistic presentation

To attract even more participants, a simple text in which you talk about the competition is obviously not enough. So make a banner, a related image or a video to catch the eye.

# 6 Share it on all your Social Media

The more people see the competition, the better. So do not forget to post the promotional banner / image / video of the contest to all your cafe / restaurant profiles.

# 7 Announce the winner publicly and upload something related

After making the draw or counting, publicly announce the name of the winner and take a souvenir photo with him upon receipt of the prize, which you will share on social media, so that there is no doubt about a set competition.


It would be a good idea for everyone to win something small and symbolic for their participation in the competition. So if you can manage it financially, it is definitely the best promo to increase the participation of the public in your competition.

Source: How to organize a successful competition on Social Media?

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