TripAdvisor Restaurants: 6 Best Practices to Respond to Your Restaurant Reviews

85% of TripAdvisor users are more likely to choose a restaurant that responds to reviews. Here are some tips on how to get the best answers from management.

It is important to understand reviews both as real-time feedback and as a very important marketing tool. Your potential customers are looking at the reviews you have received to get an idea of what your restaurant experience is like. It is essentially an online version of word of mouth. On average, 90% of those polled in a recent survey said TripAdvisor reviews were in line with their restaurant experience.

When you answer, it makes a difference

Regardless of the type of criticism, whether positive or negative, your answer matters.

In a recent survey, we found that About 94% of those surveyed in some markets said they had read a management response to a TripAdvisor review, with the majority noting that they found it helpful and encouraged them to try a restaurant, although it may have received poor reviews. In addition, 65% of users agree that a cautious response from the management to a bad review improves the impression on the restaurant.

Think of it this way. If a customer returned a dish because it did not meet their requirements, you would seek to enhance their restaurant experience in every way possible to reverse the mood and impress that customer. In such cases, the most important thing is your hospitable treatment. When you do everything you can to fix things, show customers how deeply you care about the experience they will get from your restaurant.

You have the same opportunity with the responses from the management to an online review. Regardless of the negative or positive reviews that a review may contain, you have the opportunity to create the same sense of hospitality and show customers that you care about their experience. Here are six things to keep in mind when responding to reviews:

How to respond to reviews

1. Start with a “thank you”

Always thank your customers for the choice they made to try your restaurant, even if they are regular customers. The expression of gratitude emphasizes the element of hospitality that you offer to each customer individually. It’s something like a greeting from the host as the customers leave.

It does not take many words, a comprehensive answer is enough. See a great example from the Tip Tap Room in Boston , in response to a 5-cycle review from a traveler:

“We are very happy that you enjoyed your meal, Treesha! Thank you for choosing us and for taking the time to write a review. We hope to see you again on your next visit to our city! “

If the review is not so positive, thank the customer not for choosing to come to you, but for the time he took to write a review. See a second example from the Tip Tap Room, in response to a 3-cycle review where there was a complaint about noise:

«Thanks for the review! We always appreciate honest comments and we have to admit that there really is a lot of liveliness here. We’m glad you enjoyed your drink! “

2. Show customers that you listen to them

Most of the time, when someone posts a review on TripAdvisor, they want to say something, so be sure to listen to them. When your answer shows that you take into account and understand the comments you received – either positively or negatively – then you show that you are interested in what your customers have to say and that you really listened to what they wanted to share.

See this example from Papi Henri in Paris , in response to a 5-circle review thanking the restaurant for their help in explaining the menu to customers as they did not speak French:

“Thank you very much for your post. It was our pleasure to translate the menu of the day for you (I hope my accent was not so bad). We hope to see you again the next time you visit the area. We wish you the best! “

3. Use keywords to your advantage

When responding to a review, you add elements to the discussion about your restaurant. When someone searches for your restaurant or restaurants like yours on Google, your customer reviews and answers appear in the search results. You need to be careful with the words you use in your answers.

So while it’s important to repeat the phrases that customers use in their comments, think about what keywords you use and if you want them to be relevant to your restaurant. For example, if your restaurant is known as a family restaurant, it’s a good idea to repeat that in your answer.

See this example from Copas y Tapas in Helsinki , in response to a 4-cycle review that was extremely positive, but said it was not exactly what they expected:

“Thank you for your review. We are very happy that you enjoyed your visit here.

We know that the name of our restaurant can be a little misleading now. We apologize for the misunderstanding. We originally planned to open a restaurant with wine and tapas, however, over the years, our idea evolved and so we got a more gastronomic style and we developed a complete menu based on seasonal ingredients of our region. The change is not exactly recent, but, above all, it is an ongoing process that has taken several years for the restaurant to take its current form.

Thank you once again for choosing us! “

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4. Show a positive attitude, professionalism and courtesy

While a negative review may irritate you, your answer should be in the spirit of “the customer is always right”. Apologize for what upset the customer and be sure to point out that this is not a common occurrence so that your prospects do not feel that your brand really does matter.

See a great example from James Hook and Company in Boston , in a response to a customer who was not satisfied with the lobster sandwich. They highlighted the element that makes them known, acknowledged their shortcomings, as mentioned in the review, and politely asked to be given another chance:

“Forgive us if any of our staff did not treat you properly during your visit, Sheila. Here we want you to feel welcome and have as much time as you need to decide what to order. It is a great disappointment for us that you did not enjoy the lobster sandwich. By no means would we want our restaurant, which has been a proud member of the Boston community since 1925, to be considered a tourist trap. We make our sandwiches with the traditional recipe, with a little mayonnaise and celery and We believe that the quality of fresh lobster in each sandwich is commensurate with its price. We hope you will give us another chance next time you pass through our city. “

5. Show humanity

Professionalism and courtesy do not mean that you should speak like a robot. Do not be afraid to be friendly and open, as you would be on a personal level, and remind them who you are. Check out this response to a 5-cycle review the Nue received in Seattle :

“Thank you for taking the time to write us a review! If I remember correctly, I must have served you. We are very pleased to see that you enjoyed your experience here and that you plan to visit us again. Until then, we hope you enjoy your vacation and happy 2016! “

In the event of a negative review, be sure to answer in the first person and indicate the actions you will take on a personal level to correct the mistake. See this example from Lounge and Bar in Hong Kong. They thanked them for the criticism, accepted the comments and clarified that they would inform all the staff about the issue. Exceeding all expectations, they included specific contact information that the author of the review would use in the future, on his next visit, in order to ensure the best possible experience for him.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for The Ritz-Carlton Lounge and Bar in Hong Kong.

I’m very disappointed that even though you enjoyed the view and the apple pie the rest of the experience did not live up to your expectations, I would like to sincerely apologize for that. At The Ritz-Carlton we constantly strive to ensure the highest quality of our food, beverages and service. In the light of your feedback I will personally inform the Lounge and Bar team about the issues you raise to ensure they offer a 5 star experience to all of our clients.

We hope this experience does not prevent you from taking another chance at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, so that we have the opportunity to offer you an enhanced experience. I would suggest you try the Dom Perignon Brunch served every Sunday at Ozone, the world’s tallest bar, 16 floors above the Lounge and Bar.

Please contact the manager of the Lounge and Bar, Mr. Philip Howard (see the email address below) the next time you visit us, so that we can make sure we offer you the best experience we can “.

6. Invite them to come back

Regardless of the content of a customer’s review, do not forget to invite him to visit you again! This is the best way to make your new customers regular or to ensure that travelers will remember you when they are back in your area. See an example from Nikolai’s Roof in Atlanta, in a short and very accurate answer:

“Hello, thank you for your review and for pointing out what you liked most. We will make sure Chef Stephanie sees your great comments about her dishes. We hope to see you again soon. “

If there is a reference to a particular dish or type of cuisine, be sure to let them know in your reply if there is a special event or discount for this type of food. If, for example, you have a seafood dish on Monday or serve a particular dish at that time, you can highlight this information to other customers who are reading your reply.

How to post a response from the address on TripAdvisor

Now that you know what to say, writing and responding to a review is easy:

  1. Log in to the Admin Center. If you have not already claimed your registration, you can do so here.
  2. On the “Reviews” tab, select “Reply to reviews”.
  3. From there you can see all the reviews you receive. You can filter them by circle score, title and whether they have been answered.
  4. Enter your answer in the text box, select your position in the business to be used in your signature, and press the orange “Submit” button.
  5. Your answer will appear below the review.

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