TripAdvisor Restaurants: How Do I Advertise My Restaurant on TripAdvisor?

Are you looking for ways to increase your restaurant’s clientele? TripAdvisor offers a variety of paid tools to help support different types of catering businesses.

Know 2 ways of advertising  for TripAdvisor Restaurants!

TripAdvisor Ads for  restaurants

TripAdvisor Ads attract traffic to your TripAdvisor listing by promoting your restaurant with exclusive placements to a targeted audience of customers looking for a place to eat in your area.

  • Exclusive placements

With TripAdvisor Ads, your restaurant will enjoy greater exposure to key search results for your area, including first place in your category.

  • Traffic of interested travelers

Every click on a TripAdvisor Advertising has great prospects: These are visitors who are actively searching for restaurants in your area and who are ready to turn into customers in your TripAdvisor listing.

  • No risk

Pay only for the clicks you receive! There is no commitment, no hidden fee and you can cancel at any time.

To learn more about TripAdvisor Restaurant Ads, click here  here .

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

TripAdvisor Premium lets you add new, powerful features to  your page, which will promote your restaurant at its best. Premium features include:

    • Storyboard:  A dynamic visual presentation that combines photos and reviews at the top of your TripAdvisor page
    • Top 3 reasons:  A new section above your reviews, which displays your best critique quotes and your best photos to attract potential customers with the elements that make you stand out.
    • Favorite Reviews:  Inspire travelers by viewing a recent favorite review near the top of your TripAdvisor business page.

To learn more about TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants, click here  here .

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